Marriage proposal steals show

Kelly Britton and Jon Stark.
Kelly Britton and Jon Stark.

Leading lady Kelly Britton was taking in the audience’s adulation after a production of Oklahoma.

In the Lancaster Grand Theatre auditorium, boyfriend Jon Stark had a bit of a surprise for her.

As the curtain went down the Trumacar Primary School teacher raced upstairs and with the help of friends with pieces of paper, spelt out the the message “Kelly, will you marry me?” to which the account manager said yes, to the delight of all in attendance.

“I was completely shocked,” said Kelly after the third night of the Morecambe Warblers production on October 5.

“I didn’t notice them all standing on the balcony. When the stage lights are on you, you can’t see anything.

“Between the curtain coming down and back up they’d all gone up there and when I saw it I just started jumping up and down and the audience were cheering.

“When everyone was leaving he came back down and got down on one knee.”

The pair, who live in Freehold, Lancaster, have been together for three years and have a 15-month-old son, Joseph.

Kelly said: “Jon had kept it pretty quiet and only told our friends he needed their help on the night.

“And he went to ask my dad if he could do the honour at the interval! He bought the ring a while ago and with the show coming up I think he had been mulling it over.”

The couple haven’t decided when they are going to tie the knot.