Marathon challenge for Nigel

A fish and chip shop owner will be running the equivalent of a marathon a day over Easter to raise money for charity.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 11:35 am
Updated Thursday, 29th March 2018, 11:36 am
Picture shows Nigel Hodgson of Hodgson's Chippy in Lancaster with his wife Linda.

Hodgson’s Chippy has chosen to support Children with Cancer UK for their 2018 charity campaign.

Co-owner Nigel Hodgson is well known for his charity work, in particular the monies raised annually for both local and national charities.

His last fundraising effort whilst supporting St. John’s Hospice raised over £8’000 – which “battered” his previous fundraising total.

As part of the fundraising campaign, Nigel has teamed up with Allan Blackburn – Lancaster Leisure Park and GB Antiques.

The fundraising plan is to set up a treadmill in the centre of the Leisure Park between The Factory Shop and Countrystyle Meats on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday and run a total of 26.2 miles each day – a full marathon each day.

Nigel shall be supported by friends throughout the day who will help to run a few miles to ensure the full 26.2 miles is completed each day. Nigel will be holding the donation buckets and chatting with sponsors and visitors to the leisure park.

Nigel said: “The Easter weekend should be very busy for Lancaster Leisure Park and its many attractions.

“I am hoping that as the visitors see me running on the treadmill they shall feel very generous and financially support me.

“Maybe with the sweaty face and exhausted look I shall have I may get the odd sympathy donation too.

“I have been very dedicated to both my training and diet over the past several months. I am running a minimum of four days per week and have been eating very healthy and virtually stopped drinking alcohol.

“I am very excited for the Easter Weekend as it will help towards my training mileage Yet the huge bonus is that I shall be raising lots and lots of money for Children with Cancer UK”.

“I am just hoping that the visitors shall be generous and support my campaign, maybe they could help with the mileage too.”

Nigel will be running both days from 10am through to 4pm.

Nigel will also be running the Virgin London marathon on April 22 in aid of the Children with Cancer campaign.

He has already raised £3k and is aiming to raise £10k for the charity by the end of the year.