Man pleads guilty to disorderly behaviour charge after pub row

News from the courts
News from the courts

A 45-year-old Douglas man has been convicted of a charge of disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

Alexander John Gelling, of Brunswick Road, pleaded guilty to the charge and will be sentenced on October 11.

Prosecutor Hazel Carroon told the court how, at 6.20pm on January 16, police were called after an incident at the Woodbourne pub in Alexander Drive in Douglas.

Gelling was said to have been drinking in the main bar with some friends when another man was seen leaning towards him and a disagreement taking place.

The court heard that Gelling then asked the man to go outside with him and they were said to have been being aggressive with each other.

Gelling grabbed the man and pulled him towards the pub door and the pair began tussling in the corridor.

They were said to have been separated by other customers in the pub.

CCTV footage viewed afterwards by police showed the other man throw a punch at Gelling, though it was not clear if it had connected with him.

Defending Gelling in court advocate Andrew Marshall entered a basis of plea on behalf of his client.

In it Gelling said that he had entered the Woodbourne pub at 4.30pm with friends.

He said the other man was heavily intoxicated and was being loud, obnoxious, and verbally abusive.

Gelling said he had tried to ignore him but had become involved in an altercation where they both had hold of each other’s jacket. He added that a punch had been thrown but had missed.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes agreed to the preparation of a probation report before sentencing, which should consider all options, including custody.