Man needs stitches after dog bites his face

Chris Mossop, who was bitten by a dog when visiting friends in Morecambe.
Chris Mossop, who was bitten by a dog when visiting friends in Morecambe.

A man visiting the Lancaster district for a wedding has been left scarred after a dog bit him in the face.

Christopher Mossop needed six inches after the Akita cross dog jumped at him and bit him on the chin as he visited friends.

However, when Christopher, 30, and his wife Kelly reported the incident to police and the city council dog warden, they were told nothing could be done as it happened in a private house.

Kelly, 28, said: “We were visiting Lancaster from Devon for a wedding at the weekend, and on Saturday were invited to a friend’s house, where the dog jumped up and bit Christopher on the face.

“It was completely unprovoked, we had only just walked through the door.

“Christopher’s chin was bleeding so I drove him to A&E at the Royal Lancaster infirmary.

“He was referred straight to Royal Preston Hospital to see a plastic surgeon, and was given six stitches.

“The cut was about three-and-a-half inches long from lip to chin.

“Afterwards we contacted the police and they said because it was on private property, no formal action could be taken.

“We were told to inform the dog warden, but they said they only deal with attacks on other dogs.”

The couple were told to consider taking civil action against the owner instead.

“We will be considering civil action but we aren’t interested in the money, we are just worried that it might happen again,” Kelly said.

“The house is near a school so it could attack a child.

“We just want the dog’s owner to take note.”

Christopher, who works at Exeter University, is currently waiting for his wound to be checked over and stitches removed at his local hospital.

A Lancashire Police spokesman confirmed that the incident happened at an address in Thornton Crescent, Morecambe, at about 6.45pm on Saturday.

“Police received a report of a dog bite,” the spokesman said.

“However, as it occurred at a residential address no criminal offence has been committed.

“We have advised about making a civil claim.”

A city council spokesman said: “The incident was reported to the dog warden service and on this occasion, we referred them to the police.

“Dog attacks on animals are dealt with by the council’s dog warden service and dog attacks on people are now dealt with by the police and we understand that the police have investigated this incident.”