Making memories for charity co-founder

The balloons represented Elaine Pilcher and her son Harry.
The balloons represented Elaine Pilcher and her son Harry.

Balloons were released on the coast in memory of the co-founder of a new charity based at Lancaster University.

The charity, Making Memories, dressed in pink on Tuesday, February 4 to show their support of co-founder Elaine Pilcher, whose funeral was held on the same day. February 4 is also World Cancer Day, which raises awareness for terminal illness and those who suffer from it.

Making Memories were working to help Elaine cross ambitions off her bucket list, one of which was to meet Jason Manford. The charity set up a meeting but unfortunately Elaine passed away just days before. Her family went to meet the comedian and told him about Making Memories. They hope he will have some involvement with the charity in the future.

Mathew Gillings, President of the Charity’s executive committee said: “It was a fantastic turnout for our very first Pink Day. We’ve had support in India, Poland and even in North America. It is overwhelming how diverse our supporters are and it was great to see everyone come together for a common cause.”

Over 200 people took part in Pink Day and support even spread overseas.

Elaine’s friends and family and supporters of Making Memories all gathered to say goodbye and remember how courageous she was. The balloons, representing Elaine and her son Harry, were released after the funeral. Lancaster University’s Flash Mob society also showed their support holding a pink flash mob in Alexandra Square where they pretended to take photos of each other, representing the ‘memory’ aspect of the charity.

Making Memories’ aim is to help create a legacy for parents who suffer from terminal illness, providing special memories for their children to cherish forever. They have several events coming up throughout the year, including a walk up Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, and a ‘1 in 100’ challenge where 100 people are asked to do a fundraiser. For more information on what they do, visit