Major road closure to cause more Lancaster traffic upset

Work gets underway at the Caton Road student development site.
Work gets underway at the Caton Road student development site.

A major road into Lancaster is to partially close for up to three months.

The left hand lane of Caton Road between Kingsway and Dana Carwash will be closed for between eight to 12 weeks to allow work to be carried out on a new student village.

The 632 bed student development will be built on the former Lawson’s Quay site, and is set to open in 2019.

We initially reported that the road would be closed until Friday July 7, but can now clarify that the work will take much longer.

No-one had been made aware in advance that the closure was due to take place.

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: “The lane on Caton Road has to be closed so that the developer can remove the retaining wall safely.

“The closure has been put in place now so that most of the work can be carried out in the school holidays when there are fewer vehicles using the road.

“It is the responsibility of developers who carry out this type of work to put up advanced warning notices and letter-drop businesses and residents close to the area to let them know about the work. We made the developer aware of this during planning meetings.

“Unfortunately, this did not happen and we have spoken to the developer and raised our concerns.

“They have now spoken to businesses and installed the correct signage.”

The work is being carried out by Eric Wright Group.