Lorry’s near miss under quay bridge

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Latest news.

There was another near miss on the quay this morning, Thursday, as a lorry almost became stuck as it travelled under the Damside Street bridge.

The lorry remained under the bridge for some time following the incident, which happened at around 7am, but finally managed to pass through without major damage.

Andrew Dobson, Lancaster City Council’s chief officer (regeneration and planning), said: “We are currently working with Lancashire County Council to explore ways in which incidents involving vehicles passing under the Damside Street bridge can be reduced.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Lancaster, said: “Following recent incidents involving this bridge, which is owned and maintained by Lancaster City Council, we have inspected all the ‘low bridge’ warning signs to ensure they are in the best possible position, highly visible and in good condition.

“We are working closely with the city council to see if any further improvements can be made. Signs on the A6 approach will be renewed in the coming weeks as part of a major upgrade of more than 80 traffic signs around the city centre.

“We believe there are sufficient warning signs in place on the roads leading to this low bridge, and we would like to remind drivers of high vehicles to make sure they not only know the height of their vehicle but wherever possible plan their route in advance, avoiding low structures.

“Although drivers may already be making deliveries in the area and have passed earlier warning signs, there is good visibility on the approach to the bridge and there are clear signs showing the clearance height.

“With that in mind, drivers and their employers must make sure that their routes are properly planned and that drivers respond to traffic signs.”