Looking super on a scooter built for two

Ron Kelbrick on the scooter with his wife, Clare.
Ron Kelbrick on the scooter with his wife, Clare.
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A Bolton-le-Sands couple have become the first in the North West to own a tandem scooter.

Ron Kelbrick, 79, described the vehicle as the “Rolls Royce of scooters” after paying £7,500 for it in July.

The scooter has given Ron and his wife Clare, 81, a new lease of life and allows them a clear ride from their home to The Battery in Morecambe.

The journey may take them an hour and a half at a speed of 5mph, but Ron said the change to their quality of life has been profound.

He said: “We would normally use the buses, but in June, Clare fell on St Michaels Lane and broke four bones in her arm.

“It’s affected her walking so much that we can no longer go and get the buses.

“We didn’t know what we were going to do.”

Ron did some research and eventually got in touch with a company called Scootertech, who allowed the couple to try it out.

“We drove up and down, and it went very well.

“Clare was so pleased, so we decided to go for it.

“We’ve been doing reccies to make sure the kerbs are flat, and we’ve sorted four or five routes out.

“The best one we’ve found is Bolton-le-Sands to Morecambe Battery.

“The speed they like us to go at is 5mph, but the top speed is 8mph and the range is 25 miles on two batteries.

You wouldn’t believe what the change in our lives has been.

“When we park it up, there’s always a crowd around us.”

Ron said that Clare had been diagnosed with dementia recently and he was caring for her 24 hours per day.

He said he chose to go for the tandem rather than a single scooter because it allows the couple to do things together.

“There’s no way I could walk 5mph,” he added.

“We chat along the way, we stop to look at notice boards, it’s given us a new lease of life.

“It’s fully waterproof so we can take it out in any weather.

“Basically it’s the Rolls Royce of scooters.

“We’re just enjoying it while it lasts and we’re going to be heading out in winter as well, although my son has bought us a thermometer so we’ll be able to tell if it’s too cold.”