Local lass Celine is new Dukes director

Celine Wyatt, The Dukes new creative learning director.
Celine Wyatt, The Dukes new creative learning director.

An arts professional whose career has spanned organisations countywide is now at the helm of The Dukes Centre for Creative Learning in Lancaster.

From discovering a love of theatre while growing up in Morecambe to persuading the RSC to work with youngsters in Blackpool, life’s been a stage for new creative learning director Celine Wyatt.

Celine has fond memories of her childhood in Morecambe where she attended West End Primary and Heysham High Schools.

She said: “I saw a lot of shows at the Winter Gardens and was really attracted by the atmosphere of the theatre and the amazing spectacle. I also remember family visits to Williamson Park in Lancaster so I’m now looking forward to working with The Dukes on their walkabout shows there as well as working with schools and communities across Morecambe, Lancaster and the county.”

Her latest challenge sees Celine run The Dukes Centre for Creative Learning(CCL) in Moor Lane just yards away from the main theatre.

CCL works in partnership with Lancashire County Council Young People’s Service to deliver a vast range of creative participatory opportunities in theatre, film, music and mixed media.