Liquid nitrogen cocktail teen speaks about ordeal

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The Heysham teenager who had to have an emergency operation to remove her stomach after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen has spoken about her ordeal for the first time.

Gaby Scanlon was out celebrating her 18th birthday at Oscar's Wine Bar and Bistro in Lancaster when she drank Jagermeister shots laced with liquid nitrogen that left her fighting for her life.

The Ripley St Thomas Academy pupil said: "I’d been warned by the barman the drink might make me a bit gassy, so I didn’t think too much of it, but then my stomach started to expand and I felt sick.

"Soon I was doubled up with pain. People were asking me if I was all right, but I couldn’t say anything because my stomach hurt so much."

She was rushed to Royal Lancaster Infirmary following the incident on October 4 where she had four-hour surgery connecting her oesophagus to her small bowel.

The operation means the A-Level student is now limited in what she can eat and faces having vitamin supplements and liquid replacement meals for the rest of her life.

"The liquid nitrogen didn’t add anything to the taste," said Gaby, who spent three weeks in hospital.

"It was just a gimmick. I probably would never have drunk that shot if it hadn’t looked exciting.

‘The first drink didn’t seem to affect me at all, or my friends, but within seconds of drinking the second one, I felt instant pain.

"I feel angry that these theatrical cocktails seem to be aimed at younger people, especially 18-year-olds who are just legally able to drink and want to go out and try these things, but it’s not worth it.

"I try to stay strong. I’m an optimistic person. It could have been much worse and I’m very grateful to be alive, but it should never have happened in the first place."

Gaby was speaking in an interview with a national newspaper.