Lifeboat crews assist in two rescues

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Latest news.

Lifeboat crews were called out to two incidents in the bay over the weekend.

The hovercraft was sent out to assist Arnside Coastguard and the police searching for an elderly lady reported missing from the Silverdale.

This was at 6.50pm on June 28.

After a three hour search of the shoreline, gulleys and sands between Jenny Brown’s Point and the Arnside Viaduct, the hovercraft was stood down and returned to station.

The lady, in her late seventies, was found the next morning by Bowland Mountain Rescue and led to safety.

In the second incident, crews were called out at 9.40pm on Sunday, June 29, to help a man, reported to be in a distressed state, stuck on the sands near the Battery in Heysham.

With two police officers on board, the lifeboat crew quickly located the man and another young man helping him.

Both people were taken on board the hovercraft and taken back to the hovercraft station.

RNLI volunteer Hovercraft Commander Dave Smith said: “Both casualties were clearly in a distressed state but we were able to return them to shore and into the care of the ambulance service within five minutes of locating them on the beach.”