Lee Evans wows crowd

THE Grand Theatre erupted into cheers and applause as Lee Evans made a welcome return to Lancaster, waving and blowing kisses to the excited crowd.

His nervous laughter immediately had the audience laughing with him, and he began with his dislikes about weddings. “You know how it is,” he chuckled. “You’re trying to catch up on the hymns when the bloke next to you thinks he’s Mr Go Compare.”

The laughs came thick and fast, Evans’ notes stacking on a table nearby as he tested his new material, discarding moments he felt didn’t get a strong enough reaction with a grin. “I’ve taken up cage fighting,” he told everyone, nodding excitedly.

“Those budgies can be vicious!” He made an entertaining reference to Lewis Hamilton, but it was his comments about women and their sayings such as “I need to put my face on” that gained the biggest responses. – his references got plenty of belly laughs from both the men and women present, as they openly accepted the fact that Lee’s portrayal of them was considerably accurate.

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-05-11) for full story.