Lancaster widow brings out her late husband’s book

Robin Daniels.
Robin Daniels.

Robin Daniels spent 20 years writing his life’s work but then died before completing it.

So his widow Katherine finished her late husband’s book and the result has just been published.

Katherine Daniels.

Katherine Daniels.

‘The Virgin Eye: Towards A Contemplative View of Life’ has been described as a “treasure” by TV art critic and nun Sister Wendy Beckett, who wrote the foreword.

Robin, a psychotherapist who lived in Lancaster, died suddenly of bronchopneumonia in 2012.

For two decades he counselled individuals and couples, while himself leading a disciplined, religious and solitary life, and wrote about the techniques he used.

The philosophy behind the book is “to encourage us to learn from the child to see the beauty of the created world and our everyday encounters with innocence, as if seeing things for the first time”.

The book covers such topics as how to use modern technology without it impinging on mental and family life, finding meaning in an age of anxiety and superficiality, and how to find and sustain a creative relationship.

It also gives advice on how to use prayer to live a more fulfilling life.

After Robin died, Katherine, his wife of six years, quit her job as a play therapist so she could finish off and edit the text.

A publisher then came forward on the third anniversary of her husband’s death to help Katherine bring Robin’s dream to reality.

Sister Wendy, whose BBC documentaries in the 1990s drew huge TV audiences, said:

“Parts of this book are very simple and obvious though also very difficult to achieve. On almost every page there are profound insights.”

The book can be purchased at Waterstones, RRP £9.99 or The Christian Bookshop in Lancaster from October 21.

Its launch will be held at Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre on October 21.

There will be a separate launch event held in London at the St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre.