Lancaster triathlon helps raise thousands for Headway charity

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Members of a Lancaster gym helped raise thousands for charity in a annual triathlon event.

Over one day more than 100 people helped raise more than £8,000 for the Headway charity, which helps people with brain injuries, at 3-1-5 Health Club on Mannin Way.

The groups, from Lancaster and Morecambe’s Headway brain injury association, trained for 12 weeks to take part in the triathlon.

The teams took part in a 400 metre swim, eight mile bike ride and three mile run.

Last year 3-1-5 helped raise £1,500 for Headway and member Warren Veale, from Morecambe, accomplished the previously unthinkable with swimming 25 metres and walking a mile on the treadmill with assistance from his wife, Molly. Just six years before Warren was told he would never be able to walk.

This year with the help of 3-1-5 Warren swam 100m, cycled for two miles and walked one mile completely unaided.

Leanne Walker, who last year only swam 100 metres, swam the whole 400 metres freestyle herself.

Young, old, disabled, able bodied, active or just starting out the triathlon saw a variety of people taking part.

The event was a special challenge for father and daughter, Gary and Laura.

Gary had his first swimming lesson back in April with 3-1-5 instructor KJ.

After a few sessions Gary had the confidence to go on and practise on his own and six months later he managed his 400m triathlon swim.

Jason Le Masurier, Headway Member, said: “The day was an inspiring success and a great triumph for many people with disabilities who worked so hard to achieve personal bests on this day.

“3-1-5 has a vision and imagination, whose aim is to support all people to unlock their potential, including those with disabilities.”