Lancaster train service is UK’s most crowded

Overcrowded trains on the West Coast Mainline
Overcrowded trains on the West Coast Mainline

A railway service running through Lancaster is the most crowded in England, according to new figures from the Department for Transport.

The DfT has released its list of the most crowded trains in England and Wales for 2014.

Top of the list is a train originating in Scotland, the 04:22 TransPennine Express service from Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport, which stops in Lancaster.

The time when the most overcrowding was noticed was closer to the 08:47 arrival time in Manchester, when commuters joined the route.

At its peak, 355 people were counted on a train designed for 191. The second most crowded train was the 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh, which also runs through Lancaster.

The DfT says that the TransPennine services in the top 10 were all rerouted via Wigan rather than Bolton, which extended the length of the most crowded part of the journey. According to the Office of Rail and Road, the number of rail journeys taken in Britain has risen from 735m in 1994-95 to 1.7 bn in 2014-15.