Lancaster teen stabbing victim's family pursue appeal after 'cold, callous' attack

The father of a Lancaster teenager who was repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife has said the sentencing of her three attackers was too lenient.

Anna Dickinson
Anna Dickinson

Last week, three teenagers from the city were given prison sentences after pleading guilty to the “cold, callous and calculating” attack on Lois Henderson, now 18, and Tyrone Baines, also 18, in Sycamore Grove in February.

Anna Dickinson, 18, of Fern Bank, and Kathryn Stanley, 19, of Thornton Road, both pleaded guilty to two charges of Section 20 wounding/GBH just prior to their trial at Preston Crown Court, after originally pleading not guilty. They were both sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Jordan Gardner, 18, pleaded guilty to one charge of Section 20 wounding/GBH, and was given a 21 month sentence.

Kathryn Stanley

But Lois’ father Gary Henderson, speaking exclusively to the Lancaster Guardian, said the sentencing was “far too lenient” and that he was considering an appeal.

He said: “We were led to believe the minimum sentencing was 36 months for a crime like this.

“The whole family have been unbelievably affected by this.

“We are still in total shock.

Jordan Gardner

“I just can’t believe what they did to my daughter.

“We definitely think the sentencing was too lenient, and if they get good behaviour, they could be out in 16 months as they have already served some time.

“We are looking into appealing the sentence with the Lord Chief Justice.”

Mr Henderson produced grizzly photographs of his daughter’s wounds, which she sustained during the attack at the home of Mr Baines at around 11.30pm on February 19.

Stabbing injuries caused to Lois Henderson

The court heard that Dickinson, along with her two friends, carried out the attack because she was jealous of the couple.

The trio are understood to have been let into the house by Mr Baines and then forced their way into the bedroom that the couple were sharing.

Dickinson then stabbed Lois in the arms and back while she was held down by Stanley, who repeatedly punched her.

Medical discharge papers seen by the Lancaster Guardian showed that Lois had suffered “apical pneumothorax”, or a collapsed lung, due to the injuries caused. Dickinson also tried to cut off her hair.

Mr Baines suffered two knife wounds to his back as he tried to stop the attackers entering the bedroom.

In a victim statement to the court, Lois, who attended Ripley St Thomas School in Lancaster, said: “Since the incident I have struggled with my anxiety and stress due to what happened when I was stabbed by Anna.

“I am so scared of them and I will go out of my way to never be see them again.

“I struggle day to day now to leave the house without somebody.

“What they did to me will stay with me for the rest of my life and I will always have the scars on my back.”

Det Con Andy Clitheroe, of Lancaster CID, said: “This was an attack driven by pure jealously.

“Anna Dickinson was angered by her former partner’s friendship with the victim.

“Having made threats to harm her, she colluded with Gardner and Stanley, repeatedly attacking the victim with a knife handle before stabbing her in the arm.

“Gardner stopped Dickinson’s former partner from intervening during the attack, with Stanley taking part in the assault by repeatedly punching the victim.

“The group’s actions were cold, callous and calculating. We welcome the custodial sentences handed down at court.”