Lancaster’s upside down trees get the chop

The felled trees.
The felled trees.

Upside down trees on the Millennium Cycle Path near Halton have been chopped down 12 years after they were first installed.

A well-known sight for walkers and cyclists on the river Lune path, The Upside Down Pines were commissioned as part of the River Lune Millennium Park in 2000, and it was expected that they would last around five years. The project was mainly funded by the Millennium Commission – however Lancaster City Council said it did not have a record of the cost immediately at hand.

Andrew Dobson, head of regeneration and planning, said: “It was originally expected that they would last for around five years.

“As it is now well over a decade since they were installed – more than double the original expected lifespan – it is not unexpected that exposure to the elements has taken its toll.

“Following a number of the trees falling of their own accord, and subsequent inspection which revealed that they had become rotten at ground level, the remaining trees were deemed to be unsafe and were felled.”