Lancaster pub to host US ‘nerdcore’ rapper


Tool up and strap yourselves in for the biggest hip-hop show The Bobbin in Lancaster has ever hosted, with sets from international, touring and local bands/rappers across a huge variety of styles.

Philadelphia, US, based ‘nerdcore’ act Megaran headlines the event, mixing videogames, the ‘80s, hip-hop, soul, jazz and stand up comedy into a unique set. Also from the US, New York-based Sammus presents relatable, inspirational rhymes and production that’ll leave your jaw hanging. Lancaster’s Carpe are also on the bill bringing their own blend of funk, soul, hip-hop and rock to the stage, while Manchester based hip-hop grime crew Illerstate take influences from old school hip-hop to metal.

Preston’s Razorrawks is a rapper and producer with a penchant for championing his unique style and Northern accent, while Hull’s Marx has also been announced for the bill. Entry is free and more artists will be announced soon.

‘Rancaster’ takes place at The Bobbin in Cable Street on February 24. Entry is free.