Lancaster nightclub boss makes citizen’s arrest

Rob Dookie.
Rob Dookie.
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A nightclub boss wrestled a burglar to the ground after a dramatic chase through the streets of Lancaster.

Rob Dookie called for help as he chased the culprit after catching him red-handed breaking in to 5ives nightclub on North Road.

Two staff from a nearby shop joined in the pursuit and the three of them caught the man in the middle of a busy road, pinning him down until police arrived.

Afterwards Mr Dookie, 40, said: “I’m getting too old for this!”

Mr Dookie turned up for work at his club last Tuesday and found the fire exit door had been forced.

Some bottles of drink and a set of keys had been stolen.

“I realised we’d been broken into, and I didn’t even have time to call the police, I just thought I’d better get the door fixed,” he said.

“My colleague Rob Longdon was there too. It was quiet, and we heard a shuffling sound.

“We saw a man had come in. I said: ‘Can I help you?’ and he ran off. I realised he was the burglar.”

Mr Dookie and Mr Longdon ran after the man down North Road towards Currys electrical store.

“He ran up the steps and there were two staff outside the shop on a break,” said Mr Dookie. “I shouted to them: ‘Stop that guy!’ and they ran to help me.

“The three of us jumped on him and sat on him in the middle of the road.

“Traffic was at a standstill and people were taking photos and filming it on their phones.

“I thought, I’m not moving until the police get here. We didn’t know what he might do.

“Then the police turned up, handcuffed him and took him away in a van.

“We then went back to the club and checked the CCTV, and realised he’d been in earlier.

“If I’d arrived for work 15 minutes earlier I would have walked in on him then.

“We couldn’t have done it without the guys from Currys. I can’t be running around like that at my age!”

5ives reopened recently. It was formerly known as Toast.

*A man pleaded guilty at Lancaster Magistrates Court to three counts of burglary.

Oliver Angus, 23, from Fleet Green, pleaded guilty to stealing mountain bikes worth £4,000 at The Millrace flats on Damside Street, Lancaster, pleaded guilty to stealing alcohol and a set of keys at 5ives nightclub in Lancaster on September, 23, and was fined £40 for failing to surrender to custody. He will appear for sentence at Preston Crown Court on October 20.