Lancaster musician records duet with wife and collaborates with old friends for new album

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A new album by a Lancaster musician featuring a duet with his wife and collaborations with former bandmates has been five years in the making.

Former Carpe singer and guitarist Frenchie, who has also released several solo albums over the years, has a new 15-track album that explores modern life, relationships, self-confidence and the perception of self, among many other things.

Frenchie in the studio

Frenchie in the studio

Easy When You Know How is a mix of genres, from funk to blues, and folk to harder rock.

Frenchie’s distinctive voice and guitar prowess takes centre stage, with a supporting cast that includes former bandmates Ash Murphy and Jon Moore, local blues guitarist Mike Atherton, keyboardist Matt Price, saxophonist Matt Robinson, and ex-Divide and Conker frontman Dean Marroni.

On ‘For You’, Frenchie sings a back and forth with his wife Hayley. He said: “The track that she sings on is a track that she also contributed lyrics too and we sang it together on stage at our wedding with the band. She also walked down the aisle to Start a Fire (track six on the album) which is a song that I wrote for her.”

The collaborations keep the album fresh and flowing with different ideas.

Frenchie said: “I’ve been very lucky over the years to be able to work with some very talented musicians and thankfully I was able to have a few of those musical friends do guest spots on the album.

“Of all the friends who worked on the album the most important mention has to go to my friend, drummer and producer Matt Middleton, without his time, patience, guidance and perseverance the album would never have seen the light of day.”

Frenchie also paid tribute to his former writing partner Julian Whittle, who passed away recently.

He said: “Although the album doesn’t contain any of his lyrics his spirit and influence is all over every song because I will live my life trying to live up to the standard that he set for me and I really hope that wherever he is he’s as proud of this album as I am.

“It’s been a long five years in the making and for me it’s been the most fun I’ve had recording a Frenchie album.

“I’ve worked on my song writing, making sure that I’m happy with every arrangement and every lyric.”

The album is available on Spotify, Apple, and to download.