Lancaster Music Co-Op releases 28-track fundraising compilation album

A new compilation featuring a whopping 28 tracks by bands and musicians connected to Lancaster Music Co-Op has been released for sale online.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 3:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 3:38 pm
A still from Glass Roof.

For just £5 you can download the tracks from Bandcamp and contribute to securing the future of the Co-Op, which faces an uncertain future after being issued with an eviction notice.

The compilation features tracks from The Lovely Eggs, Mr Ben and The Bens, Montana Wildhack, Pill Fangs, Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests, Three Dimensional Tanx, Kriss Foster, The Crippens, The Long Lost Band and Larry Beckett, Fighting Bears and Hiroshima Twinkie, and loads more.

The Lovely Eggs.

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T-Shirts, bags and badges are also available for purchase from Lancaster Music Co-Op’s Bandcamp page.

Ian Dicken from the Co-Op said: “By purchasing this compilation album you are helping to raise funds for the LMC, which was served a six month eviction notice in October 2018.

“This money will help the Co-Op carry out essential repairs on the building, as well as obtain new musical equipment, improving the facilities available both in the rehearsal rooms and recording studio.

“This compilation features tracks by musicians affiliated with the LMC in some form or other.

From left, Mick Armistead, David Blackwell and Ian Dicken outside Lancaster Music Co-op

“Some new, some old, some unheard, some recorded within the co-op, some not.

“It is all connected.

“Special thanks to all the bands on the compilation for submitting tracks to help the cause!”

A three-day “Raise the Roof Three” fundraiser is due to take place between January 11 and January 13 next year.

The compilation has been mastered by Mick Armistead.

The Co-Op has also released a 35 minute film called Glass Roof - 30 Years of Lancaster Music Co-Op, which celebrates the history of the organisation via interviews with bands and musicians that have rehearsed there, snippets of live shows, and a brilliant panoramic finale.

The documentary, created by Happenstance Films, is up on Youtube now and is well worth half an hour of your time.

Ian added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people standing by us and offering their support; whether it be signing our petition, donating to our campaigns, writing letters or simply wishing us luck.

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

The full track listing is here:

(* denotes previously unreleased track.)

01 - The Three Ages Of Elvis - Charity Freefall

02 - Mr. Ben & the Bens - Birth at Sea

03 - The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy

04 - Montana Wildhack - Doolally*

05 - Pill Fangs - Rock & Roll is Non-Negotiable

06 - Ice Pops For Breakfast - Oh Darling Boy

07 - Three Dimensional Tanx - I Am Go

08 - Electric Free Time Machine - Round and Round

09 - Creeping Heat - One Cure*

10 - Kriss Foster - Me My Zombie and I

11 - TV FACE - Phone Phreaks

12 - Opaque - Repeat To Fade To Repeat*

13 - Puma Sutras - Regular Night*

14 - Pine Barrens - Hoenikker*

15 - Dean McPhee - Water Burial

16 - Little Hero - Blood Thirsty Crows

17 - The Crippens - Pampas Grass

18 - The Long Lost Band & Larry Beckett - On The Hook (Reprise)

19 - Super Fire Pony - Richard Richard*

20 - Thistle - Hole of Light

21 - Kylie Minoise - We Are Of Course The Pleiadians*

22 - Paddy Garrigan & the Stroller Priests - The Honey Mead

23 - Glass Poppies - Oh So Lonely

24 - Harry Wharton & Co. - Area 51 of the Soul

25 - Fighting Bears - Masquerade Fusillade

26 - Pale Fragments - Cobalt Blue Eyes

27 - Hiroshima Twinkie - Fall Down Five Times

28 - The Cosmic Dead - Skye Burial


released October 26, 2018