Lancaster MP votes against PM’s ‘bad deal’ and says no deal Brexit would be worst possible outcome for UK

Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith
Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith

Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith said the UK leaving the EU without a deal would be “the worst possible outcome”.

Ms Smith, who voted to remain in the EU Referendum in 2016, voted against the government’s Brexit deal last night because it “doesn’t deliver what my constituents voted for”.

She has also said she would be voting against the potential for a “no deal” scenario at another crucial vote on EU membership in The House of Commons tonight, March 13.

Some 75 Leave and Remain Conservative MPs united to rebel and condemn Theresa May’s Brexit deal to another major defeat on Tuesday night, March 12.

Conservative former ministers and brothers Boris and Jo Johnson, on opposite ends of the Brexit debate, were among those who walked through the no lobby - joining leading eurosceptics Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mark Francois and Steve Baker.

The 10 DUP MPs - the Conservative Party’s minority government allies - also rejected the deal alongside the opposition parties, including 238 Labour MPs, according to the division list.

Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris voted in favour of Theresa May’s deal.

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But Ms Smith said: “Yesterday Theresa May presented the same deal before MPs again, and again I voted against it.

“The deal doesn’t deliver what my constituents voted for, whether they voted to leave or remain.

“I can’t support her bad deal which doesn’t deliver for jobs, living standards or safeguard employment rights and environmental protections.

“Today MPs are being asked to vote on whether or not to rule out “no deal”.

“I’ve always said that is not a viable option and in 2017 I was re-elected on a manifesto that clearly stated that I wouldn’t support leaving without a deal.

“This would be the worst possible outcome for the UK.

“Leaving in just 16 days time with no transition and little meaningful preparation from government would be catastrophic for jobs, living standards and would lead to a hard border in Northern Ireland.

“In human terms this means increased food prices at a time when all too many are having to turn to food banks, potential food shortages and shortages of medicines – in fact some pharmacists are already finding it harder to source certain drugs.

“For these reasons I won’t be voting to leave the European Union without a deal this evening.”