Lancaster MP Cat Smith backs National Adoption Week campaign

Cat Smith MP with a #SupportAdoption placard.
Cat Smith MP with a #SupportAdoption placard.

Lancaster MP Cat Smith has given her support to National Adoption Week and its campaign for people across Lancaster and Fleetwood to #SupportAdoption.

The week is a national event, focusing on family finding for some of our most vulnerable children in the UK.

It is also a chance to demystify and clarify the adoption process, reflect the challenges of adoptive parenting, share individual stories and showcase best practice.

Nationwide, supporters have been sharing their adoption stories and detailing how their lives have been affected on Facebook and Twitter.

Melissa Forbes-Murison, manager of Adoption Match, who with her team met Cat Smith in Parliament on Wednesday, said: “Day in day out, using the Adoption Register for England, we make links for children seeking a permanent loving family with prospective adopters.

“The Adoption Register is the only statutory register of children and families awaiting adoptive placement.

“All councils and voluntary agencies are required to use the register. Since 2004 we have found families for 3,356 children who may otherwise have never been found a permanent family.

“The Adoption Register has been used to aid family finding for nearly 20,000 children.

“It was a pleasure for my colleagues and I to share with Cat Smith some of the stories of children the Adoption Register has helped find adoptive parents for.

“I often speak with social workers and respective adopters who are working tirelessly to help find loving homes for children who so desperately need one.”

Ms Smith said: “National Adoption Week should remind all of us of the importance of finding families for some of our most vulnerable children in my constituency and across Lancashire.

“Before being elected as an MP I worked for a national social work organisation and I saw first hand the social workers, voluntary adoption agencies and the statutory Adoption Register supporting them day in, day out, they are doing everything possible to family find for vulnerable children.

“The future of many in the generation to come depend on getting those children who need one the stability and love of a family is that is what is what is best for them.

“No child should wait any longer than absolutely necessary, because finding the right home can start the process of giving them the very best chance in life.”