Lancaster & Morecambe College students hold mock wedding event

LMC Business Level 3 students gather for a photo, post-event.
LMC Business Level 3 students gather for a photo, post-event.

Students at Lancaster & Morecambe College organised a wedding event as part of their business studies course.

The Business Studies Level 3 students carried out the work for their event management module.

One guest, celebrating her birthday, was presented with a birthday cake by the students.

One guest, celebrating her birthday, was presented with a birthday cake by the students.

The students chose a wedding reception themed event, and collaborated with the Level 3 hospitality & catering students to design an attractive, yet cost effective menu that could be enjoyed at any wedding.

The students used their budgeting, marketing and organisational skills, alongside negotiation and customer service skills.

The students secured Coulson’s Restaurant at the college as a venue and staff, including catering staff and hospitality & catering students for the event.

The team set up the decorations, sold and promoted the tickets, and sourced more than 25 raffle prizes.

The team also managed to secure a donation from Ribbons and Roses, who provided the decorations for the event.

Students worked hard during the planning stages to ensure the event was successful, and this did not waver during the implementation, spending all day setting up the venue and working tirelessly throughout the evening to cater for their customer requirements.

They were overwhelmed with the positive responses of every single guest who had written in their wedding guest book, which the learners will use as part of their evaluation of the event.

Event visitor John said: “Well done! Food and service better than the last few restaurants I have visited.”

Guest Kathleen added: “The event was extremely well organised, the venue looked so pretty and professional and everyone involved should be really proud.

“I am a frequent visitor to Coulson’s restaurant and I am really impressed with how the Business and Catering students have collaborated in the organisation of the event.”

Charlotte Rawes, director of apprenticeships and employer engagement, said: “I would just like to say a big thank you for last night.

“The food, as ever, was amazing and all the students were fabulous.

“It was great to see Coulson’s so pretty, busy and vibrant. Well done for all your hard work in bringing this together and showcasing the amazing opportunities that studying at Lancaster & Morecambe College can bring.”

The team successfully raised more than £500 from the event, which they will be donating to St John’s Hospice, as part of their community involvement strategy and social responsibility awareness initiatives.

Coulson’s is a training restaurant at LMC, and has maintained a reputation as a first class dining restaurant for more than a decade.

It offers a real work environment for LMC students, with special theme evenings and events running throughout the year.

For more information on the menus and events for Coulson’s restaurant throughout the year, visit the Lancaster & Morecambe College website.