Lancaster man overcomes his deafness to achieve his goals in education

Michael Rogerson.
Michael Rogerson.

A man who was born profoundly deaf has overcome many obstacles to graduate twice with two degrees.

Michael Rogerson, 27, of Scotforth, Lancaster, became a Batchelor of Science in social enterprise and leadership at the University of Cumbria and has completed another degree in British Sign Language Level 6.

Michael, who communicates with sign language, is now working for Lancashire Deaf Service as a community development officer.

Michael’s deafness wasn’t discovered at first and when he was still sat in his pram he passed a hearing test. A second and third health visitor came and told Michael’s parents they thought something wasn’t right and it was discovered after tests in Preston that he was profoundly deaf.

Michael attended Moorside School but wasn’t coping well. More tests were done and his hearing went worse as he got older. When he was five, he went to the Royal Cross Primary School in Preston, which his parents said was ‘brilliant’.

When he was older he moved to Ashton High School in Preston and then to the Royal School for the deaf in Derby.

He travelled to Derby every week. Michael’s mum Janet said: “It was good for him working with other deaf people but for the first six months it was difficult. “

When he was 19 he couldn’t get work so started volunteering doing conservation work in the Lake District. He won an award for his conservation work. In 2014 he did his degree course and passed with flying colours.

During his university degree Martin was helped by people from the Francis Scottr Trust who did note taking for him.

Michael said: “I thought they were brilliant! My degrees gave me an insight into my future and helped me with confidence.”

Martin’s mum had to learn sign language to communicate with him and said: “It’s been hard but we have been there to support Michael. My husband Leonard and I are over the moon so far.”

Michael now wants to undertake a PGCE teaching course so he can set up his own course abroad to help deaf people.