Lancaster Man Feared For His Life

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A GREAT grandfather from Scotforth who spent three weeks sailing home from Tenerife has vowed “Never again” after getting caught up in a huge storm.

Harry Baines, 70, told how he feared for his life as waves came overboard and the strong winds threatened to sweep him off his feat.

Mr Baines, of Rays Drive, was aboard the 49-foot yacht Maya with his Swedish friend Jonas Rundqvist, who was skippering the vessel.

The pair met for the first time last year when they made the voyage together with some Finnish friends.

And the experience was so enjoyable Mr Baines jumped at the chance to repeat it after another break in Tenerife, leaving his wife Marie to fly home.

But four days into the journey back to Britain the pair saw a black cloud coming up behind them.

The storm hit them between Madeira and Porto at around 5pm. The autopilot system stopped working and the rope was washed off the deck, becoming entwined in the propeller shaft and stalling the engine.

See the Lancaster Guardian (19-05-11) for full story.