Lancaster Labour councillor steps out on his own

Lancaster city councillor Oscar Robert Thynne, representing John O'Gaunt ward, has resigned from the Labour Party.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 26th April 2018, 2:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th April 2018, 4:11 pm

Elected in May 2016 during a by-election, Coun Thynne ran his campaign on four key pledges which he says he wants to focus on more in his remaining time as a city councillor.

The four pledges are protecting the vulnerable, safeguarding green places, developing Lancaster’s economy and engaging young people.

Coun Thynne resigned from the Labour Party to provide what he says is a much-needed additional independent voice on the city council, alongside fellow John O’Gaunt councillor Liz Scott.

He said: “The Labour Party currently leads the city council; however, it does not have a majority. For this reason, independent councillors are vital to ensure the voices of all residents are heard when considering the future of the district.

“With another independent voice for the district comes more power to the residents. I intend to take on board all concerns or ideas raised by my constituents and ensure they are heard in the council.

“I have informed the Labour group I intend to continue bringing ideas to the table and I look forward to being in a unique position where I can work cross-party on important matters in the district.

“When I stood to become a Labour city councillor almost three years ago, I did not expect to be in a situation in which private personal reasons have meant I need to go Independent.”

“With one year until the next city council elections, I feel it is important I carry on working for John O’Gaunt as an independent voice in order to save the tax payer money and also to allow me to complete several ward projects I am working on.”

Coun Thynne is kicking off his campaigning in the town hall by addressing period poverty in the district.

“Period poverty is a hidden issue in our society,” he said. “As more families fall below the poverty line, more women and girls are put as a disadvantage in work places and schools because they lack something that should be a basic human right, the correct sanitary products. This is unacceptable. We as a district can and must respond!”

Working with officers, councillors and local charities, Coun Thynne hopes to have more updates soon.

More information about what Coun Thynne has already done as a city councillor and hopes to do can be found at his website