Lancaster is listening after EU Referendum vote

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“There are so many feelings around after the Referendum and I wanted to give people a chance to express them”.

Listening in Lancaster will give people an opportunity to air their views, worries, hopes and fears about Brexit in a safe, non-judgmental way in the city this weekend.

Meanwhile Youths for Europe, a group of local 15-16 year olds, will be holding a rally from 11am on Saturday, July 15, in Dalton Square to express their views on Europe and the Referendum.

The Listening in Lancaster idea is the brainchild of Fiona Frank and Alison Ransome, and involves a group of people from The Cornerstone Lancaster, Lancaster Re-evaluation Cocounselling, and Lancaster and Lakes Jewish Community.

The group got some “listening training” so that they would be ready to hear people who held different views to them in a non-judgmental way.

Fiona said: “There are so many feelings around after the referendum and I wanted to give people a chance to express them - especially when I heard from a French friend that she was being asked by her workmates when she was going home, and from another friend that she was frightened to open her mouth on a train as people would hear her foreign accent and she had no idea what reactions she would get.”

The idea has support from Lancaster City Council.

Coun John Reynolds said: “Could I congratulate you on organising this event.

“It is becoming clear that as we prepare to exit the EU, the impact on segments of our community run deeper than the obvious financial ones.

“I’ve been horrified at the increase in racist sentiment across the UK in the days following the result.”

The group will be in and around Lancaster all morning on Saturday, July 15.

Anyone who would like to take part can contact or call 07778 738681.