Lancaster house fire could have had ‘sad ending’

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A FAMILY of four had a lucky escape after a fire in the living room of their Lancaster home.

Fire crews believe the fire at the house on Peel Avenue at around 8am on Sunday was started by a haridryer that had been left plugged in.

The family were woken by their smoke alarm and escaped unharmed.

A Lancashire Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “If not for the working smoke detector in the property fire crews would have faced a very different and possible sad ending as the family were asleep upstairs at the time the fire started.”

Fire crews concluded the plugged-in hairdryer had been inadvertently turned on by one of the family dogs which regularly jumped on to the table the appliance was on, meaning it became overheated and started the fire.

There was damage to the living room and smoke damage to the rest of their house.