Lancaster explorer to take on Kazakhstan desert

Jamie Maddison.
Jamie Maddison.

A real-life action man who was born in Lancaster is about to embark on his latest gruelling challenge.

Jamie Maddison will run 100 miles across the Kazakhstan desert in 24 hours in September.

By day Jamie, 28, works as a content strategist but in his spare time has been exploring remote areas of the world for the past decade.

In that time he has been a rock climber, long distance horse-rider, hotel shift worker, newspaper reporter and a competitive pole vaulter.

He’s lived and adventured with eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, ridden horses 800 miles across Kazakhstan, worked with nomads on the border of Afghanistan, ran with camel herders in Uzbekistan, found ancient artefacts in the high mountains of Tajikistan, come off several galloping horses, fallen down two cliffs, had a case of frost-related nerve damage, and visited an abandoned experimental Soviet weapons testing facility.

His latest expedition is a run across the Saryesik-Atyrau Desert in East Kazakhstan, where he will be followed only by a support vehicle and navigating en-route across the 24 hours. Follow Jamie HERE.