Lancaster dogwalking societ increases membership numbers to over 100

Lancaster Huskies.
Lancaster Huskies.

A Lancaster dogwalking society has increased its membership from three to over 100 over the last few months.

Matt Morris advertised on Facebook which helped create the large group ‘Lancaster Huskies’.

Matt said: “the group snowballed very quickly.

“A lot of close friendships have been made, and we have people who come from as far as Carlisle for the social events we put on and the weekly walks.

“There’s usually about 40 people walking on a sunny day.

“It’s not just good for getting us to socialise, but our dogs as well. Many huskies come to use quite nervous and antisocial, and within two weeks they are friendly and happy to be around other dogs and people.

“A lot of us have said that the dogs act very excited on a Sunday morning - they know when the week’s come round again and they love going out with the others.”

Lancaster Huskies always welcomes new dog owners, not just of huskies, but malamutes, border collies and any other dogs that would get on well with them. They meet at the butterfly house in Williamson Park every Sunday at 11am and usually do a lap of the park which takes around an hour and a half.