Lancaster DJ finds right mix to success

James Thomas
James Thomas

A LANCASTER man who first started producing music to keep him out of trouble has been busy embracing the latest sound technologies and is about to have a track released on 50/50 Records.

James Thomas, 26, started producing music in 1999, at the same time becoming a “bedroom DJ”, and quickly found he had a passion for electronic music.

Under the stage guise of Duhkula, he has produced remixes and original tracks over the past few years, and has worked alongside some of the north of England’s most respected DJs and producers.

The former Bowerham Primary School and Garstang High School pupil said: “I was constantly in trouble at school, due to me having Attention Deficit Disorder and the school not having the knowledge, or skills, to deal with it.

“I started DJing in my bedroom around this time, and it was a really good way for me to develop strategy to focus.

“A few years later, I worked with Asher from the legendary Solar nights and Robert Suchoki and Jason Spleen of Rebel Bass Soundsystem and DigitalEye VJs to organise and promote the club night Electroshoxx.

“It was a popular night in Lancaster for a while, but due to the closure of the venue, we decided to explore other things.”

James, known locally as Titch, began entering remix competitions “to get some exposure in the vast world of electronic dance music”, and started to get some of his music released.

See the Lancaster Guardian (16-02-12) for full story.