Lancaster dementia mum’s new lease of life thanks to daughter

Amanda McGuire with her mum Maureen McGuire, from Lancaster.
Amanda McGuire with her mum Maureen McGuire, from Lancaster.

A mum who suffers from dementia has said she feels young again thanks to her daughter’s coffee mornings.

Amanda McGuire decided to set up Dementia Together, a free coffee morning every Thursday, to help her mum meet new people.

Maureen McGuire was diagnosed with dementia five years ago and daughter Amanda wanted her mum to reconnect with others again.

Amanda, who runs The Park pub in Lancaster, said: “Mum finds it difficult to socialise.

“She doesn’t have actual friends, she has got work colleagues but she is 78, they have lost touch.

“I was taking her out sitting in cafes trying to make conversation, it was making me anxious too as I wasn’t sure how she was going to be, and I thought there must be lots of other people out there in the same boat as me.

“So I thought of holding a coffee morning to involve other people and get to know each other.”

When Amanda’s dad passed away five years ago the family noticed Maureen’s dementia.

Maureen often doesn’t know who her daughter is or her grandchildren.

“It is hard, her not knowing who we are, it is difficult for us,” says Amanda.

“But she enjoys the coffee mornings, on the way home she said to me she feels young again, it is lovely to hear.”

Dementia Together takes place every Thursday from 11am at the Park pub.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether they are dementia sufferers, carers, family or friends, for free tea and coffee whilst music from 1950s and other eras are played.

Amanda said: “I know from watching my mum, it lifts the mood it is somewhere for them to go instead of sitting in the house day in and day out.

“I don’t think there is enough things like this out there.

“Until you see a family member with it you don’t realise the complexity of dementia.

“If it makes a difference to her it makes a difference to somebody’s else’s mum and dad.” Dementia Together allows dementia sufferers to meet in a friendly environment and share stories. For more call 07841 816563.