Lancaster cyclist to fundraise for cot death study

Lisa Preston, cyclist.
Lisa Preston, cyclist.

When Nicola Richardson lost her son Alexander to sudden infant death syndrome - also known as cot death - she was left heartbroken and searching for answers.

Cot death usually occurs in the first six months of a babies life but Alexander died when he was 17 months old.

Harrison and Alexander.

Harrison and Alexander.

Now best friend Lisa Preston, from Lancaster, is determined to help raise £100,000 for the family which will go towards Professor Neil Sebire’s two year study into cot death for over one’s.

At least 300 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly every year due to sudden infant death syndrome but no research has taken place for a older age.

Nicola said: “Sudden death syndrome is an answer when there is no answer, it’s a cold hearted killer that steals babies.

“I live with a constant fear that suddenly and without warning my children will die.

“Needless to say I haven’t had a full nights sleep in seven years, irrational very, but you can’t tell me it won’t happen because it already has.”

This year Alexander would have celebrated his tenth birthday with identical twin, Harrison.

Their lives changed when their happy and healthy little boy never woke up.

Lisa is hoping to help the family reach their target by taking part in a cycle challenge from London Tower to Blackpool Tower on June 19.

The mum-of-three will cycle 315 miles over a 17,000 foot journey non-stop with three other team members, setting off at 5am.

To prepare for the event Lisa is also taking part in a 24-hour spinathon on February, 20, 4pm, at Lancaster Asda on Ovangle Road.

Lisa said: “When it hurts and I want to get off the bike that’s how they feel. They must think ‘stop, I want to get off’, but they can’t can they? They have got to carry on, they’ve got other children.

“It’s a few days of pain; they live with pain all the time and she would do the same for me.”

Lisa has been close to Nicola ever since they met when they were both pregnant with twins in 2005.

This explains why the keen cyclist is determined to help her friend get the answers she is so desperately looking for.

Lisa said: “Alexander was healthy and there was nothing wrong with him and they need answers. How can you not know for the rest of your life?

“I went to his funeral and I never want to go through that ever again, we are really close and I want to do whatever I can to help her.”

Nicola said: “The money raised in Alexander’s memory will hopefully, one day provide an answer for us and give peace of mind to millions of families especially my own.”

To help Lisa fundraise you can visit