Lancaster councillor resigns admitting ‘it’s best if they get someone who can actually hear what they’re saying’

Michael Smith.Michael Smith.
Michael Smith.
A Lancaster City Councillor has resigned because he couldn’t hear what was being said at council meetings.

Michael Smith, 76, who was elected to represent the Conservative Party for Overton in May 2019, resigned as a member of Lancaster City Council this week.

Mr Smith is partially deaf, and despite investing in hearing aids, has struggled to follow what is being said at council meetings.

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“The whole problem is I’m going to meetings and I’m struggling to hear what is being said,” he said.

“I’ve discussed it with the local party and we just decided that this was the most appropriate time for me to resign.”

Mr Smith, a former engineering firm owner, who lives in Heysham, said standing in the election “seemed like a good idea at the time”.

“I was interested about what went on in the Tory Party, and one thing led to another,” he said.

“I did it with all the best intentions.”

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Mr Smith thanked those who voted for him in the local elections in May, where he beat Labour candidate Tom Porter by 26 votes.

He added: “I apologise if I’ve let anyone down, but I think it’s best if they get someone who can actually hear what they’re saying.”

The vacancy will be filled at a by-election on December 12, the same day as the general election.

Anyone who is interested in standing for the vacancy should telephone the elections office on 01524 582905 and the deadline for submitting nomination papers is 4pm on November 15.

Any voters in the Overton ward who want to take part in the election must have registered to vote by Tuesday November 26 if they have not yet done so.