Lancaster church under threat due to £750k roof repairs

Scotforth St Paul's Church.
Scotforth St Paul's Church.

A Lancaster church is under threat after architects revealed it would cost around £750,000 to repair its roof.

St Paul’s Church Scotforth has been raising funds for almost a year to replace the church roof.

The appeal, launched last September, has so far raised more than £50,000.

However, this sum though is just a fraction of the £750,000 that architects have said the work will cost.

St Paul’s vicar, Rev Michael Gisbourne, said: “I am really proud of the people at St Paul’s. They have worked tirelessly and to have raised as much as they have is great achievement.

“The task is immense! St Paul’s Church was opened in 1876 and has welcomed thousands of families for christenings, wedding and funerals.

“If we are to continue this important work in the community, we will need the support of the community.”

It is unlikely that the church will have to close its doors in the near future.

However, the threat still remains that as the fabric deteriorates, demands on the finances will increase.

Churchwarden Maureen Leach said: “We are confident that we can see the project through for the good of the Scotforth community, and we will be approaching bodies like the Heritage Lottery Fund.”

Events in the near future include the sale of specially printed church Christmas cards, and a variety of community events which are advertised on the church’s Facebook page.

Mr Gisbourne added: “This is a great task, but I am sure that we will be able to reach our £750,000 target in due course.”