Lancaster businessman slams countryside litter louts

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A Lancaster businessman claims the countryside around Lancaster is becoming spoilt by selfish people dumping their litter.

Nigel Hodgson, who owns Hodgson’s Chippy in Prospect Street and Scotforth Road, said there is an increasing volume of beer cans being thrown into the hedgerows in Ellel, Quernmore and the surrounding countryside.

He said: “We have lived in the country just outside Quernmore for 18 months now, and whilst we are thoroughly enjoying the views and fresh air, we have seen a drastic increase in the amount of rubbish being deposited.

“On my route to work I see endless amounts of beer cans thrown into the hedgerow – this amount is growing on a daily basis.”
Nigel said that in one day alone he counted in excess of 50 beer cans, all of the same brand, while travelling along Proctor Moss Road heading towards Blea Tarn Road.

“A few members of the Quernmore WI had undergone a litter picking project just recently to try and tidy the hedgerows up and clear the beer cans from view,” he said. “In excess of 20 refuge sacks were collected from the roadsides in Quernmore, Ellel and leading into Lancaster.

“While this tidy-up looked great for a few weeks, the beer cans have now begun to re-appear.

“My wife Linda was walking with my daughter Sally along Bay Horse Road heading South towards Five Lane Ends and counted more than 100 beer cans, most fairly new as there was no evidence of rust on the cans.

“This is utterly disgusting, and if the culprits are drinking while driving, it won’t be too long before an accident happens.

“Local residents are trying to keep watch to see if they can see drivers littering, yet no one has been seen as yet.

“The drivers responsible for this littering are taking a very huge risk, let alone putting other drivers, pedestrians, animals and cyclists in great danger.

“These mindless, littering individuals should have more respect for Lancaster and the surrounding countryside and dispose of their rubbish in the correct manner like most other Lancastrians.

“We should be proud that Lancaster has such beautiful surroundings and respect that other people want to admire it too, and not see endless amounts of beer cans polluting the countryside and hedgerows.”