Lancaster artist’s work on display at Dukes

Jon Nixon exhibition.
Jon Nixon exhibition.

AN exhibition of photography and sculpture by Lancaster artist Jon Nixon has gone on display at the Dukes Theatre.

Human River explores the relationship and interaction between the city’s people and the River Lune, which passes through it.

Jon said: “Through my photography, I want people to see the river in a new light. How often do we drive over, travel by rail or walk over the Lune and really look at these fantastic structures that get us across the river? Yes – we have conquered its water regarding access over it, but is this just a means to an end, or do the bridges have some kind of relationship with the river?

“Is there beauty in Greyhound and Carlisle bridges? I think that there is.

“I also want to explore our other relationship with the Lune and examine what some of us throw in the river; old bikes, shopping trolleys, car parts and the hundreds of other objects that find their way onto the river bank.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (03-11-11) for full story.