Lancaster and Morecambe tourism brochures scrapped as council enters 21st century

Lancaster and Morecambe tourism brochures will no longer be printed.
Lancaster and Morecambe tourism brochures will no longer be printed.

A guide promoting the merits of Lancaster to the outside world will be scrapped as the district undergoes a re-branding exercise.

Forty thousand copies of the ‘Historic Lancaster City and Morecambe Bay’ brochures, as well as a Morecambe equivalent, are produced annually and distributed to Visitor Information Centres across the UK in an effort to attract people to the district.

But Lancaster City Council has decided to focus on using the internet to market our district in future, saving £10,000 in distribution costs.

The council cabinet rubber-stamped the decision on Tuesday as it met for talks on how best to promote the area under two separate brands – Lancaster and Morecambe Bay.

These brands were suggested after research by independent consultants Cairn Consultancy in 2013.

Councillor Ron Sands, cabinet member for tourism, said: “The key now is to maximise the effectiveness of the two brands.

“We need to reach out to audiences much further afield and, to do this effectively, internet and social media-based marketing will be of increasing importance.

“One of the most beneficial aspects of online media is it allows you to be dynamic, keeping pace with change through a summer season and seizing new opportunities; something which you simply cannot do with a static printed brochure.”