Lancaster and Morecambe escape weather warnings for severe fog and freezing temperatures

Fog is not expected to reach the North West.
Fog is not expected to reach the North West.

The Met Office has given the all clear to Lancaster and Morecambe for severe weather warnings tonight.

Patchy fog is expected to form tonight across many parts of southern and central England, East Anglia and east Wales, but not the North West.

The fog will become quite widespread and freezing during the evening with visibility reducing to less than 100 metres in places.

Lancaster and Morecambe will not be affected but will remain partly cloudy overnight.

Temperatures are expected to reach seven degrees centigrade across Lancashire in the evening of November 24.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “We are not issuing a weather warning for the North West.

“The temperatures tonight are still going to be slightly warmer than they have been but the fog is not expected to reach this far.”

The fog warning may be updated surrounding the uncertainty of the formation of fog patches in southern England.