Lancaster and Morecambe Dominos Pizza human ad boards cause a stir

A national pizza chain has caused controversy in Lancaster and Morecambe by employing people as human advertising boards.

Thursday, 12th November 2015, 10:56 am
A Dominos Pizza wobbleboarder in Bowerham, Lancaster

Domino’s Pizza has been sending staff out in all weathers wearing “wobble boards” promoting an offer for its products.

But one Lancaster resident has described the practice as “degrading” and others have said they feel uncomfortable seeing people working in this way.

A spokeswoman for Domino’s said that employees “love being out of the store and doing something different”, and staff are paid at or above the minimum wage.

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The human pizza boxes have been spotted in Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham over the past few weeks.

Lancaster resident Paul Scholefield said: “This is a degrading way to treat someone, I would expect more than just a minimum wage.

“And what justification is there given the weather last week? It’s put me off ever visiting Domino’s.

Mr Scholefield said he saw one “wobble boarder” standing in the fog and no-one could see him anyway.

He added: “Advertising in this way at main road junctions must constitute a risk to road users, as it is distracting enough at junctions without these poor souls moping about.”

Lancashire County Council said they had no powers to stop this happening, suggesting it was an issue for Lancaster City Council.

Lancaster City Council said it was an issue for the county council.

Nottingham City Council banned the practice in March, saying it demeaned staff and was distracting for drivers.

But Terry Wilcock said on Facebook: “I’ve had a proper go at people taking the mick out of them this last two weeks, fair play that they do a job that no one else will do in that weather people laughing when driving past them.

“I urge all people if you see them outside their houses to take them a hot brew out, they are welcome in my shop anytime to have a cup of tea for free to warm them up poor lads.”

A spokeswoman for Domino’s said: “Wobble boarding is a great way to get our message across and our employees and some of our franchisees love being out of the store and doing something different.

“All our wobble boarders are aged 16 or over and are paid at or above the minimum wage.

“For those that choose to wobble board, they follow our lists of recommendations and advice on wobble boarding and ensure they call into the Lancaster store at regular intervals, take the appropriate breaks, keep hydrated and most importantly stay safe.

“A wobble boarder’s safety, security and wellbeing, along with that of the general public, are a top priority for Domino’s franchisees and a full 
risk assessment has been carried out in relation to wobble boarding.

“We realise it’s not to everyone’s taste but it is a key part of our marketing activity and we take every care in looking after all our wobble boarders.”