Lancashire’s primary school 2015 league tables in full

Lancashire’s primary school pupils are continuing to excel in the classroom with the latest league tables showing further improvements.

Thursday, 10th December 2015, 10:02 am
Picture: PA

A total of 89 per cent of youngsters are achieving the expected level of progress in maths, with 91 per cent reaching the grades in reading.

A child is expected to have reached level 4 by the end of primary school, with the grade split into A, B or C – so a 4A is at the top end of grade 4.

This year, for the first time, the Government has released data grading children up to a level 6 – the level they are only expected to reach by the age of 14.

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Results show an impressive eight per cent of pupils hitting that mark in maths. And some 40 schools in our table are getting 100 per cent of their pupils to Level four or above in reading, maths AND writing.

Most of the county’s primary schools are rated as good, and one way this shows in the league tables is through the value added measure. The benchmark is 100, and if a school is able to add to a child’s education, beyond his or her academic expectations, they are given a mark of more than 100.

Chorley All Saints Primary, for example, has a value added mark of 102.

The numbers of pupils reaching the benchmark level four in maths and reading by the end of key stage two has also gone up, with Lancashire schools getting 82 per cent of children to the expected standard compared to 81 per cent last year.

But There was a one per cent fall in the number of clever youngsters achieving level five or above to 24 per cent.

As in last year’s league tables the average level of achievement across the county is broadly 4A but a large number of schools reached the impressive standard of 5C and a dozen in our table got 5B.

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