Labour retain seats on Lancaster City Council

Labour Party candidates retained three seats on Lancaster City Council following a by-election this week.

Labour’s Peter Rivet was elected to represent Skerton West Ward while Amara Betts-Patel and Oliver Robinson were elected to represent University and Scotforth Rural Ward in a by-election on Thursday, May 17.

The vacancies have arisen following the death of Labour Party councilllor Roger Sherlock in Skerton West, and resignation of Labour’s Lucy Atkinson and Sam Armstrong in the University and Scotforth Rural ward.

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The results for Skerton West are: Andy Kay, Conservative (279), Derek Kaye, Liberal Democrats (279), Peter River, Labour (587) ELECTED and Cait Sinclair, Green Party (59).

Two councillors were elected in University and Scotforth Ward.

The results are: Amara Betts-Patel, Labour (518) ELECTED, Peter Embrey, Liberal Democrats (114), Callum Furner, Conservative Party (184), Janet Maskell, Green Party (235), Martin Paley, Green Party, (264), Oliver Robinson, Labour ELECTED (423), Jade Sullivan, Liberal Democrats (120), Guy Watts, Conservative (184).