Kirkby man’s support for Nepalese villages

Some of the disaster in the region.
Some of the disaster in the region.

Kirkby Lonsdale man Max Mørch is busy helping deliver aid to the rural areas devastated by the earthquake in Nepal last week.

Max has a degree in international politics and is currently living in Kathmandu and studying for a masters in crisis management at the Institute of Crisis Management based in Kathmandu.

Max Morch (far right) in Nepal.

Max Morch (far right) in Nepal.

Max has just returned from a visit to the Sindhupalchowk region delivering much needed supplies and food.

This area, situated north east of Kathmandu, is one of least developed areas in Nepal.

The team took sacks of rice, bags of lentils, first aid kits and supplies from the local Kathmandu Hospital.

Thousands still need urgent medical attention and shelter.

Max was part of a team from Childreach Nepal. They are working closely with the Nepalese Army and Armed Police Force to provide relief materials.

They were unable to reach their original destination as the region has been badly effected by landslides.

However, they managed to distribute medical and food supplies to more than 300 individuals who were affected by the earthquake.

The team was also shocked to find out that they were the first people to visit with relief materials. The charity is short of donations and volunteers and they are humbly seeking help.

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