Kids left in danger by broken glass in park

Grosvenor Park - glass on park floor.
Grosvenor Park - glass on park floor.

Broken glass was left strewn across a children’s play area for four days.

Lancaster City Council staff finally removed the glass from Grosvenor Park play area after it was reported twice by a local resident.

A passer-by rang the city council to report the glass – thought to have been caused by a shattered bottle – last Monday.

She was then forced to call them again two days later after noticing it still hadn’t been cleared.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said: “I rang them on the Monday to make them aware of the problem and to hopefully get someone out to it.

“It’s a popular play area and it was dangerous having so much glass on the ground where children played.

“I rang back again on the Wednesday and was informed it can take up to five days. This is very shocking as kids are at danger.”

A city council spokesman said: “In most cases we can respond to situations such as this within 24 hours.

“Unfortunately this did not happen on this occasion and we have apologised to the lady who reported the issue to us for not clearing the glass earlier.

“The glass was removed last Thursday.”