Keeping up the work as temperatures soar

Fitness Formation.
Fitness Formation.

I’ve been slaving away in the indoor and ‘outdoor gym’ over the last couple of weeks.

Training with Ryan of Fitness Formation continues apace but as I’ve been on holiday I’ve been mixing it up with some heavy duty gardening and caravan maintenance – hence the ‘outdoor gym’.

At last I’m starting to feel stronger and fitter after my operation earlier this year. It has taken a while, but working with Fitness Formation is transforming my life.

I no longer need my asthma inhaler and I can do most types of moderate exercise without getting out of puff. The weights I’m lifting are getting progressively heavier and I’m able to train harder than ever.

That’s not to say I’m now a slim and toned athlete. I still lumber around the training studio like a cart horse but I can feel changes taking place.

One thing that I’m delighted about is the knock-on effect of all the training. As I’m fitter and stronger, I can indulge my love of gardening with ease.

Lifting heavy plant pots, lugging the wheelbarrow around, using a heavy watering can, bending down to weed, digging and moving the grass are all a breeze compared to my fitness sessions with Ryan. Likewise, when I was cleaning our caravan last week, I found it a doddle.

Whereas a few months ago I’d have struggled to bend down to pick up a heavy bag, now I can hoik it up and swing it around. My husband Mark has even expressed alarm at the size of my arm muscles (I think he’s just envious).

Many of the other women and men at Fitness Formation are in training for the Total Warrior charity event at Shap on August 4. Although I’m not at their level yet, I aspire to be doing it with them next time.

Best of luck to everyone taking part!