A LANCASTER woman gave birth on the bathroom floor while her three-year-old son played in his bedroom.

Kate Foley, 32, didn’t make it to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) on the morning of May 20, and delivered her son Remy at home five days early.

As her parents arrived while she cradled the newborn, her other three-year-old son Luis said to his grandad: “Do you want to go and play cards?”

Kate, a former Our Lady’s High School pupil, said she was due to give birth at the RLI but soon realised she wouldn’t make it and had to quickly prepare for a home birth.

“I started having mild contractions at 4am but they were just niggles and I didn’t think anything would happen for a while,” she said.

“I got up with my husband and son and my husband went off to work for an hour. I got Luis ready for nursery, but just after 8am, I felt my contractions getting worse, so I ran a bath and phoned my dad to ask him to come and pick up Luis. I knew then that I wouldn’t make it into hospital.

Kate unlocked the front door, then rang her husband and mum, who advised her to resist the urge to push.

Three pushes and ten minutes later