Karting star Thomas is pure Gold

Thomas Neill won the Gold Cup in Wigan.
Thomas Neill won the Gold Cup in Wigan.

Morecambe’s 16 year old junior kart racer,Thomas Neill travelled back up to Wigan to take part in the annual Gold Cup meeting.

With only half a day to practice, Thomas went out on the Sunday morning and won all three heats and then the final but it wasn’t without controversy.

With two laps to go, he and the second place kart both went into the first corner at 73 mph and collided with each other.

Both managed to get back on the track and Thomas drove a very bent kart well enough to take the chequered flag by three seconds.

Thomas received minor injuries to his arm and leg but the kart took the major damage.

With only four races left at the track, Thomas leads the championship by three points but now needs to raise the money to buy a new chassis before the next meeting on August 20.

At the end of this year Thomas moves up from junior to senior racing and is looking for a sponsor.

Call dad Mal on 01524 418201.