Jobs boost praise for M6 link road and new Primark

New workers on the Heysham to M6 link road, pictured in January 2014.
New workers on the Heysham to M6 link road, pictured in January 2014.
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Unemployment in Lancaster and Morecambe continues to fall and things are only going to get better, claim jobs experts.

The building of the new Heysham to M6 link road and the new Primark store in Lancaster have been hailed as major reasons for the jobs growth in our district.

A total of 68 local people have come off Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and found work on the major road building project. Meanwhile, Lancaster Job Centre is set to begin recruiting 150 local people to work in the new Primark clothes store on Marketgate.

Shane Byrne from the Department of Work and Pensions said the link road would create even more jobs in future.

“Similar projects in other parts of Lancashire have proven to provide a significant increase in employment opportunities in other sectors,” said Mr Byrne. “We expect the same results as access to Heysham Port opens up and the industrial estates in the immediate area grow and to develop.”

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics showed the national unemployment rate fell to 2,02m by the end of July, its lowest level since 2008. In Lancaster and Fleetwood, the number of JSA claimants fell by 430 to 961 year-on-year. Of the 430, 120 were aged 18-24.

In Morecambe, the number of JSA claimants has fallen by 540 to 1,329 year-on-year. Of the 540, 345 were aged 18-24.