Jane takes on Born Survivor for dad

Jane Hall before and after,
Jane Hall before and after,

A Lancaster woman is celebrating her dramatic weight loss by taking on the Born Survivor challenge in memory of her father who died at St John’s Hospice last year.

Jane Hall will be challenging herself to the military style obstacle course this April in memory of her father John Hartup, who died at the age of 83 from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and numerous other health issues.

Dad John Hartup with his K1 three and a half inch guage steam engine

Dad John Hartup with his K1 three and a half inch guage steam engine

John, who was a Lancaster Guardian photographer for 40 years, died on July 24 at the Slyne Road hospice.

Before her dad fell ill Jane weighed more than 18 stone and her family grew increasingly concerned about her health.

At the age of 52, the 
Scotforth mum decided to take action after a confrontation with her dad.

She said: “I vividly remember one day I was in the garden, when you have got a weight issue you don’t like people to mention it to you, and he just stood there and said ‘Jane we are really worried about you, try and do something’ and I stood there sobbing my heart out.

“I never want to be back there again.”

Now five years later and eight stone lighter Jane is 
immensely proud of how far she has come and is glad her dad got to see her transformation before he died.

Jane said: “My dad was ever so proud and I am glad that he eventually saw me fit and it helped me to look after him in the end.”

In his early days John was a young photographer before taking on the chief photographer role until he retired in 1987.

In his spare time he was a keen model engineer but because of his failing eyesight his passion for his hobby became difficult.

Yet he still carried on and spent hours in his workshop and got one of his engines on show in the York Steam 

Jane said: “The hospital, they can do the surgery and whatever, but the care he got at the hospice and the meals, they’re so thoughtful, nothing is too much trouble, they were absolutely amazing.”